Telegram Country Members

🌏 Country Target Members {GEO Targeted} [Low Drop]🔝🔥

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Target members of the country is one of our most popular member services. We have prepared various services from members of different countries for you so that you can easily provide what you need.

You can easily recognize through the members' profiles that they are completely real and that the member is from your chosen country. The reason why I say that our members are completely real is that if you look at their profile pictures and usernames, you will understand that they are completely real and this can be very effective for your channels and make your channels look real.

The price of these services is the lowest price in the market, which you can use as an investment to get the service you want with little capital.

The speed of the service is great, the start of these services is done in less than 5 minutes and you can see the increase in the number of members of your channel and group. All member services are suitable for large and small channels and groups.

You can choose the country you want by looking at our package and register the target member of your country as soon as possible and receive the order.

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Telegram Country Target Members

ID:24          China Members 🇨🇳 - {0% Drop -10k/Day}         Rate per 1000    $1.0465

ID:25          English Members 🇬🇧 -{Zero Drop - Max 100k - 30k/Day}         Rate per 1000    $1.2765

ID:26          Russian Members 🇷🇺 - {Non Drop - 10k/Day}         Rate per 1000    $1.26

ID:27          USA Members 🇺🇸 - {0% Drop - 5k/Day}         Rate per 1000    $0.92

ID:28          China Members 🇨🇳 - {100% Non-Drop - 30k/Day}         Rate per 1000    $1.13

ID:29          India Members 🇮🇳 - {Non-Drop - 30k/Day}         Rate per 1000    $1.38

ID:54          Iran Members 🇮🇷 - [Active - Fast Services]{10k/Day} [For Groups and Channels]         Rate per 1000    $0.79

ID:30          Mix Iran/Arab Members 🇮🇷🇸🇦- {Low Drop - 50k/Day}         Rate per 1000    $1.035

ID:53          Arab Members 🇸🇦 - [Active] [0% Drop] [Refill 30/Day] [For Groups + Channels]         Rate per 1000    $1.35

ID:104          Uzbek Members 🇺🇿 - {Low Drop - Real} (5k/Day) [For Groups and Channels]         Rate per 1000    $5.63

ID:105          Ukraine Members 🇺🇦 - [Active & Real] {10k/Day} [Groups and Channels]         Rate per 1000    $9.93

ID:108          Indonesian Members 🇮🇩 - {Low Drop - Active} [5k/Day] {For Groups and Channels}         Rate per 1000    $1.22

ID:110          Japan Members 🇯🇵 - {Active and Real} [Just for Groups] [Fast & High Quality]         Rate per 1000    $15.24

ID:111          Turkish Members 🇹🇷 - {Real & Zero Drop} [Just for Groups] [Fast & High Quality]         Rate per 1000    $15.24

ID:112          Germany Members 🇩🇪 - [Fast & High Quality] [Just for Groups] {Active and Real}         Rate per 1000    $15.24

ID:113          Azerbaijan Members 🇦🇿 - {Active & Non-Drop} [Just for Groups] [Instant & High Quality]         Rate per 1000    $15.24

ID:228          USA Members 🇺🇸 - {Cheapest - 5k/hour} [Best Service for Channel]         Rate per 1000    $0.9315